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A safety and wellbeing success story

Maria, an immigrant, faced many health problems after moving to a new country with her husband. The stress of adjusting to her new culture, language and pregnancy took a toll on her mental and physical health.

Maria suffered from lot of health issues but was reluctant to discuss her health issues due to cultural and language barriers. She did seek medical help but also found local community organizations and resources such as free clinics and support groups for accessing health and mental health services, including ALO’s HerHealth series.

Through, ALO Herhealth series, she learned the importance of taking care of herself, prioritizing her own health, and advocating for others facing similar challenges. Maria’s story emphasizes the importance of seeking help and the resilience of the human spirit in overcoming adversity.


To raise awareness and share knowledge about women’s health and wellbeing (not limited to diseases that women are vulnerable to) including risks and preventions at the comfort of their own home

Why the need

Women’s health matters, and all too often symptoms of health risks are ignored as women prioritise and try to balance work, family, and self. ALO believes a healthy woman is key to a healthy family and community.

What we did

Every month, a women health expert, often from a multicultural background, is invited to tackle a health aspect that women from migrant backgrounds are vulnerable to, such as hormonal disorders, PCOS and Endometriosis, breast cancer, and reproductive health. Ten episodes of HerHealth are available on ALO’s YouTube channel and Facebook Live. We have been breaking the stigma around counselling through our episodes on “Can counselling help?” for women and adolescents for various issues including marriage. Experts also helps women to understand how to access health care services, a barrier often faced by CALD women due to lack of information. Alo’s hosted an art therapy session to raise awareness of mental health, to help migrant women deal with their painful emotions through paint and brush on canvas.


150 women joined
live on Facebook for
these episodes.






Empowering women
to take charge of their
health and make wise
choices regarding
their wellbeing



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