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ALO’s projects are informed by rigorous research knowledge and extensive community consultation and success is measured through evidence-based approach. We have videos and toolkits designed to build capacity in financial literacy, as well as ‘HerHealth’ informational programs, exciting car safety workshops, career clinics and raising awareness of gender inequality and biases through International Women’s Day since 2019. Our Initiatives align well with the ACT Women’s Plan (2016-26) target areas to advance gender equality, social inclusion, economic security, health and wellbeing and respect and rights for women.

— A Message

From the President

We, as migrant women, understand firsthand the difficulties emerging from the migration journey and the vulnerability it creates; particularly, for women who often encounter specific challenges related to cultural gender disparities, inequality, and societal prejudices. Our struggles have exacerbated further due to Covid19 financial and mental stressors. ALO strives to help these women to reach their full potential and celebrate their identity and diversity.

Looking forward, ALO will focus on women’s representation at workplaces, specifically focusing on CALD women leadership in technology and career clinics for women who are returning to work after a break.. We aim to deliver targeted financial security workshops for women at-risk of domestic violence, refugees, and senior women with low superannuation. ALO’s interventions are mostly funded by the ACT Government grants; however, more funding is needed to make meaningful change in women’s vulnerable situations.

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